The tax landscape is more complex and changing than ever before – and it’s a minefield if you’re not informed and aware of your rights and responsibilities. At Vaughan & Company we make it easy for you – providing services to make sure your business is fully tax-compliant. The net result? You are able to benefit from maximum tax reliefs and shelters, while minimising risk and liabilities. It’s always about balancing tax compliance with tax efficiencies.

Our specially-dedicated tax department provides a full spread of tax-focused services:

  • Advice on, and assistance with, personal tax issues and optimising your tax status. Let us review current tax reliefs and exemptions available to you.
  • Completion of your Income Tax returns if you’re self-employed or a company director.
  • Completion of Corporation Tax returns for your business.
  • Completion of Income Tax returns and PRSI if you are a PAYE employee.
  • Advice on and assistance with retirement, wealth and succession planning – for your future security and peace of mind.
  • Capital Gains Tax planning and Capital Acquisitions Tax advice.
  • Comprehensive and expert assistance with Revenue Investigations and Audits.